What dish should you eat in every European country?

The first thing that the traveler searches for is the tourist attractions of the countries he visits, museums, picnics and shopping places, but very few people search for customs and traditions, and for traditional dishes that make you know a lot about the people of this town and their events and celebrations through long ages. Europe, the continent that more than 500 million tourists visit annually, according to United Nations statistics, many of its visitors do not know about its popular food, due to the spread of fast food restaurants in all countries of the world, but a trip to a country without getting to know the traditional dishes of its people, something seems empty Of pleasure; Therefore, we review with you in this report according to every European country that you should not miss if you travel to it at any time of the year.

1 .France

The first country in the number of tourists visiting among all European countries is characterized by a dish that may seem very ordinary, and its name is Pot-au-Feu, or hot pot, and it consists of beef and vegetables. The dish is so named because the pot stays on the fire throughout the winter, and whenever the food is about to run out, they replace it with another one.

2 .Finland

The reindeer poronkarystis is the popular dish of this country, consisting of boiled reindeer meat, a type of elk, added to it, potatoes and onions, and a type of mulberry jam that grows in the forests of Finland in abundance.

3 .Germany

Germany is famous for its most famous dish of sauerbraten beef, which consists of beef marinated for at least 4 days with vinegar and pepper, and add vegetables, onions and some herbs. The dish is worth the wait, because after marinating the meat tastes very soft and tender.

4 .Greece

The name “moussaka” may sound like a familiar name in many countries of the Mediterranean basin, the most important of which is Greece, which is famous for this dish consisting of minced meat, eggplant, onions, and finally the bechamel sauce, which mixes together all these ingredients together, making it a dish that lasts for more than 200 years old.

5 .Hungary

With meat, onions, tomatoes, paprika and green peppers, the Hungarian shepherd’s leaf dish Goulash is made, which differs from all dishes of this name in neighboring countries because it is served whole chunks, not stew.

6 .Ireland

The stew may seem popular in many countries of the world, but not Irish stew, which is known for all types of meat, whether it is beef, lamb or lamb. Serve hot and contain a lot of calories.

7 .Italy

Pizza, the most famous dish around the world, which Julia Roberts traveled to in her movie Eat, Pray, Love, so that she regains her love and passion for food again, by tasting the dough filled with tomato sauce and various Italian cheeses. .

8 .Latvia

The World Health Organization may have issued a new study warning against eating cured meat, but these words will certainly not affect the Latvians, whose main dish consists of bacon, peas and onions, which gives them the necessary heating for the winter.

9 .England

When the workers’ vacation in England was only on Sunday, between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, “Sunday roast” was the famous food in the country, and since then, every Sunday you find no English home without a mixture of grilled meat, with carrots and potatoes And the famous English “Yorkshire” sauce.

10 .Lithuania

A dish consisting of potatoes, onions, and meat, presented in the form of small balls that resemble an airship. Therefore, this dish was called sibellini, which is the Lithuanian translation of the word “balloon”.

11 .Cyprus

An island in the Mediterranean, and very close to the Arab countries, so do not be surprised when you find that the main dish for it is “watermelon salad with halloumi cheese”. This salad helps you lower your body temperature in extreme heat, and provides you with the necessary fluids to prevent your body from becoming dehydrated.

12 .Luxembourg

This dish is because its main ingredient is pork, green peas and potatoes. This dish is called Judd Mat Gaardebounen, which means pork roll with green peas.

13 .Malta

Rabbit meat, spaghetti and vegetables with wine make “vincata”, which also means that if you follow the teachings of the Islamic religion, you should substitute some white vinegar or apple cider vinegar for the wine. This dish is served in two stages, where the boiled rabbit meat and vegetables are placed on the fire, the first stage is served with spaghetti with the meat sauce, and the second stage, the rabbit meat is served with vegetables in a separate dish.

14 .The Netherlands

The “waffle” is one of the most popular snacks that is now served all over the world. However, the Dutch waffle method is very different from any other method, because the Dutch used to place a waffle piece on top of the coffee cup, so that its aroma is absorbed, so it becomes crunchy on one side, and crisp on the one hand. the other side.

15 .Poland

The main dish in Poland is called “bewooz,” which means “feteer” in Arabic. This dish consists of green cabbage soaked in yogurt, with fresh meat. This food was often introduced at the beginning of the hunting season, but with the spread of technology and innovative fishing methods, it has become introduced in all seasons of the year.

16 .Portugal

The Portuguese depend on fish in their main meals, specifically cod, which they know more than a hundred different ways to prepare it, whether it is casseroles, stews or salads, and it is not necessarily served hot, but rather depends on the type of food itself, whether it is a main dish, or a side Or, starters.

17 .Romania

Cabbage balls stuffed with rice and meat, is a famous dish in Romania, and it is served specially at times of Christmas and New Year, and their size varies according to the region that you serve, so northeastern Romania serves it small, while in the west and south it is served large.

18 .Slovakia

If you like adding yogurt to your food, you should try Slovakia’s famous dish, Bryndzove halusky, which means potatoes cooked with goat cheese and bacon. This meal contains at least 530 calories per plate, so it is not recommended for dinner.

19 .Slovenia

The wraps desserts, which are known as “Swiss roll”, are of Slovenian origin, and they are called “botika”. Did you imagine that? Nuts are used in the filling, especially hazelnuts, but the Slovenian botika can use other ingredients in the filling, such as cream, chocolate, or different types of jam.

20 .Spain

Have you heard about certain conditions and rituals before preparing a meal? This is what happens in Spain when you prepare a “paella” dish consisting of rice, saffron, chicken, and seafood. These conditions summarize in that a “man” prepares the meal and is eaten under the shade of a fig tree!

21 .Sweden

Have you ever gone to the IKEA store and tried its restaurant? You must have seen “meatball” eaters many times and in many of their menus. This is because meatballs with rice are considered one of the most popular dishes in Sweden, and also in the whole world, after “IKEA” has branches in many countries on the continents. Different.

22 .Austria

The famous dish Wiener Schnitzel, which means Vienna slice, tells a lot about the origin of this dish that undoubtedly dates back to Austria as it bears the name of its capital, Vienna. This dish consists of a thin slice of veal, topped with bread crumbs, and fried in hot oil and serve as a main meal.

23 .Belgium

If your trip to Belgium is for hiking and visiting museums, never serve the Moules Frites, which is the Belgian translation of mussels with potatoes, which are sold in every corner and supermarket, because it will give you the equivalent of 1000 calories that will make you want to sleep immediately and prevent you from using your time during the journey.

24 .Bulgaria

The “Shoubi” salad is one of the most important salads offered in Bulgaria, and it was named so after its inventors. This salad contains tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions, basil, and fresh cheese.

25 .Croatia

Eaters are ideal for cold weather, high in calories, and will provide you with the energy needed to stay warm in this cold country, it is “Utah”. This dish consists of bacon, pork, cabbage soaked in yogurt, onions, and potatoes.

And any other type of meat can always be substituted for pork if your faith prevents you from eating it.

26 .The Czech Republic

Veal marinated with cream, one of the most famous dishes you will find in the Czech Republic, this dish is called “Svichkova”, and it is served warm as a main dish.

27 .Denmark

As is the norm in most of the Scandinavian countries, their tables are not without a dish of meatballs, whose ingredients differ in Denmark from the rest of these countries as it is served with thin slices of green cabbage, white sauce, with butter, and although the dish is called Frikadeller, meaning pure pork, it is Other types of meat and vegetables can always be used.

28 .Estonia

Although the “rosoli” salad consists of beets and potatoes, and is served with all kinds of food, the people of the country prefer it with salted fish or boiled eggs. You may have tried some of these dishes before, such as pizza and moussaka, but tasting them from the hands of their makers and inventors, of course, will have a different and delicious taste as well.

After reading this report, you will discover that Europe is one of the continent where there is a diversity that is evident in the diversity of its dishes, although this seems quite opposite to what the media and films tell us, but each country has a different character and an unparalleled tradition.